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OR: 85976

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Public Agency Contracts

Rubenstein's participates actively in public agency contract programs in an effort to give various public institutions and agencies the best value for the money. These contracts are designed to keep negotiations to an effective minimum, so both the end user and vendor may focus on improving service and delivering the finest results.


KCDA Contract

Rubenstein's awarded portion of bid 10-340 to provide King County Directors' Association members with Blue Ridge and other products through April 21, 2011.


King County Contract

Contract to furnish and install carpet tiles as requested by authorized King County Facilities Management Division personnel. The contract shall be for a period of one year from the date of contract award in accordance with the following and the attached instructions, requirements, and specifications.


City of Eugene Contract

One year contract starting June 10th, 2005 renewable for up to a total of 5 years for the purchase of floor covering material and installation. Take special note of item #24 - Other Agency Use. "... other governmental agencies may join together with the City of Eugene to add to their requirements. Said agency/agencies shall have the power and authority to contract directly with the successful vendor(s) under the terms of this Contract."


City of Seattle Blanket Contract

Rubenstein's Contract Carpet LLC is awarded a contract for providing floor coverings, installation, and repair to the City of Seattle, as a result of ITB-2548 conducted by the City. See attachments #1 and #2 for specifications and conditions. The term of the Contract is five (5) years with a two (2) year extension, for a total contract life ending 9/13/2016.